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So i would like to welcome you all to the Onyxbreakers pages on Indie DB. Onyxbreakers have been working on our current project Dark Matter for almost 2 years. Due to having other things in life to deal with the progress on the game can sometimes be quite slow but we are almost ready to release so we figured it was time to join up and let you all know what Dark Matter is all about. so yes this is an old update from a month ago but its been a while since we spoke.

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Onyxbreakers update 006 – Monday 17th June, 2013

I'm gonna pose it to you - if you could have a weapon in the game, what would it be? It can be as ridiculous as you want. It's about time we expanded some of the weapons out since, at current, we've got a lot of bog-standard ones and it's always nice to cater to what some fans may want.

In other news, Edgar's been weaving in and out of marching band activity to work on the game whenever possible. Recently, it's been all about the polishing. That's getting rid of little glitches and spriting, to make things look even better. With this in mind, Lee's gone out to try and solve one particularly troublesome bug that's appeared with the tactics battle script, for in-space battles, ever since the audio stuff was fixed. Fix audio so it fades in and out after battle, rather than starting over, then make the victory screen crash after a space battle. You win some, you lose some.

And, of course, the voice actors are hard at work voicing their lines in preparation for episode #1's release. When will that be released? Well, as soon as the voices are done and the animation for the first cutscene is complete... speaking of which, Lee may be onto something with that, so watch this space!

Now for the most recent game progression:

•The card script has been entirely looked over and all bugs fixed, including English translation.

•Lots of new cards have been sprited for the card game. Lots!

•Card shops and a tutorial on how to play the card game has now been added in the game.

•Max, Foltix, Razz, Blake and Lione are currently all being voiced. Budgie needs chasing up.

•The Overdrive system (think Limit Breaks from FFVII) has been overhauled. This includes spriting new start ups for everyone's Overdrive attack and an Overdrive 'status' (think a one-turn Trance from FFIX) which works in tandem.

•More audio levels of existing lines have been ironed out and boss music toned down a bit.

Update conclusion :

Sprites take a while, so you'll have to forgive the lack of things done. It's been more lots of time spent in fewer areas to resolve them, or sprites taking ages to create. Overall, the game looks a lot more polished because of the additions. Soon, more characters will have to cast, including the game's main villain. As always, let us know if you're interested in taking part in any vocal roles!

- Lee and Edgar.

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