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Catch a glimpse of the new normal and specular mapped Imperial Starfighters that you'll see in this Star Wars Total Conversion Mod for Freelancer

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As promised in my last News post, I said I would post the videos of our new normal and specular mapped Imperial Starfighter models. I have to say, I'm quite thrilled with the results of W0dk4's new model exporter for 3ds Max for cleaning up a bulk of the models in terms of smoothing errors as well as allowing us to put on normal and specular maps for the ships.

So, without further adieu, our Imperial Starfighter line up

TIE Fighter:

TIE Interceptor:

TIE Bomber:

TIE Avenger:

TIE Defender:

I will now begin work on our Hutt and Corellian starfighters. If there is enough demand to see videos of them, I'll post them up in the same way.

As always any comments, suggestions or questions are always welcomed!

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Note: Big thanks to the First Strike Mod for letting us use their incredible models/textures for our mod

Tilranus - - 168 comments

I want this so bad.
Though I'm debating on which faction I want to side with, Rebels or Empire.

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FW:ToW_Sushi Author
FW:ToW_Sushi - - 1,450 comments

Ooohh, just wait. I decided I will do a video on the Hutt and Corellian ships because they're turning out so well!

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mods_only_man - - 36 comments

You asked for demand to see the hutts and Corelians? I'm your man. Can't can't wait to see all these awesome visual upgrades carried over to them :D Great job Sushi and ToW Team!

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R3bornSh4dow - - 230 comments

TIE Interceptor.. I love this masterpiece! and the defender.. also awesome :D

You guys have pushed freelancer to a new level.. if microsoft would only be so kind to release the source code..

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FW:ToW_Sushi Author
FW:ToW_Sushi - - 1,450 comments

Well, for the original model/texture, we have to thank the First Strike team for being so kind to share these awesome ships. But ya, W0dk4's DX9 conversion is really just something.

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Dwarden - - 163 comments

oh, the Tie-Fighter Gold memories !

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ponyus - - 544 comments

corellian all the way!

cr90 here i come! :D

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