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In the Pipeline will contain all the items that are literally and figuratively in the pipeline. This will (but does not have to) include crashes to fix, bugs to splat, player suggestions to incorporate and improvements to make that we feel are necessary for the next update.

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The next update (#3) will include a couple of additions that will improve usability a lot: like Hotkeys. Ooh so hot! It’s a million degrees here at Gamious HQ and the keyboard keys are literally hot. Now you get to enjoy that as well.

We are also working on a visual upgrade. We will provide beautiful background for all areas, starting with the Plains and River Country (names are not final!) in this update. Another visual upgrade will be Dowser Depth. This will show where the Dowser searches and give players a better idea of where to drill, especially after upgrading the Dowser. Can you dig it?!
Without further ado, but not before telling you we are aiming to have the update live on Thursday, here it is.

  • Hotkeys.
  • Crashes and bugs – always, every time.
  • UI additions and fixes.
  • Sell diamonds to the bank.
  • New backgorunds

  • New NPC prospector Anthony.
  • Improved Reporting.
  • Improved Auctions.
  • Campaign mode ending.
  • Steam Leaderboards for SP Levels.
  • Screen resolutions issues.
  • Trading cards.
  • Achievements.

  • Multiplayer.
  • Storyline.
  • More AI-interaction.
  • Infinite mode.
  • Custom single player games.
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