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Look it's just something I wrote in another forum pointing out the hypocrisy of the SJWs in their continuous crusade against the very people that had looked up to them for help and protection. And besides we should at least have something in the article section of the group, I swear it looks like a ghost town right now...

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If you think about it, the white cis male neckbeards basement dweller gamer is not a activist, nor does he give all that much of a damn on current social political issues. He want to be left alone with his games and his circle of friends. His sometimes vulgar language during gaming is a vent of things the repressed feelings he's not allow to express in public*. That stuff is not an expression of his actual beliefs**, merely just a part of his vocabulary. He is (mostly) content with his lot. He feels no need to change*** other people's opinions on things.

So why attack them? Because society already hate them? Because they can't fight back****? Because they are the scapegoat that the media goes to because they are not willing to take on actual issues behind current problems? Or because they just look like the people you bullied back in high school?

And game journalists, you are suppose to represent all gamers. You are supposed to understand the gamer culture & language. You willful ignorance in portraying white cis male neckbeards basement dweller gamer as an misogynist is a example of willful ignorance of gamer culture and a case of bullying those who don't want to buy your bill of goods.

Guess what? You're still not gonna get their money.

*meanwhile, the SJW can bash people all they want and a "jk lol", "get a sense of humor" or "you don't understand" is apparently enough to cleanse the transgression...
**shockingly enough, their views on things are varied, very varied, given that they are not a organized group in any form as we defined it. You can get just about the entire political spectrum from them.
***beside sometimes small things like "CoD is so much better than ARMA!" (note the author does not play FPS, he just knows that making the example will rile up (though not really, we all know how serious those "which is better than which" debates are) a lot of people with stupid shit like that)
****and the miscalculation of the year award goes to...


I agree with you.

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