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A lot of stuff happened this week. I need your suggestions for a new name! Also, let's welcome our new staff member!

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Hello, guys. Hope you have a great day!

First of all...

Project Name Change

Because "Middle Earth', "Middle-Earth" and so on trademark belongs to Warner Bros, we are forced to change the project's name to avoid a C&D letter. My first idea for a name was "The Ring" but I want as many suggestions as possible from you guys too. Let's find an awesome name!

New staff member

This week a new person has joined the project...Please welcome Thom Robins ( Thom ) !

Thom is a experienced music composer and has worked with previous indie games. We have in plan 2 hours of music to give our game a unique feel. I'm so excited to work with him!

If you want to check out Thom's work, please do so here:

What happened this week?

As you can see in the last article, I haven't been able to work too much this week.That because... I have been to East European Comic Con! Had a great weekend and met many new people, and also some really cool actors ( one of my favourites, Manu Bennett was here! ). Now I'm back home and ready for work. Rohan main locations incoming next weekend!

Thank you for your time and leave a name suggestion down below if you have any idea!

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