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Here's a WIP list of the Imperial Heroes, may add more

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Major Heros
Grand Admiral Thrwan - Commands the ISD2 Chimaera (Tech 1 - 3) SSD Razors Kiss(Tech 4-5), He is the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet and Member of the Imperial Ruling Council. The SSD Admonitor was formally known as the Razors Kiss. After Thrwan convinced the Ruling Council to give it him to make it his flagship after he rescued it from being almost captured by Zsinj at Kuat while it was still under construction. Isard sees him as a threat to claim to the Imperial Throne but does not plan kill him until his usefulness has ended. Provides an Fleet Commander Bonus
(Spawns at Tech 1)
Admiral Gilad Pellaeon - Commands the ISD2 Chimaera. Promoted from Captain due to Thrwan being impressed on his leadership and seeing potential by ordering the imperial retreat at Endor. He is one of the few Imperial Officers Thrawn respects and trusts within the Imperial Military. Provides an Fleet Commander Bonus(Spawns at Tech 4)

Ysanne Isard - Leader of the Imperial Ruling Council and Lesion between them and Thrwan. Known to some as a control freak, she plans on destroying the sith the same way Palpatine did with Jedi at the end of the Clone wars as well as all others who get in her way once the war has been won so she can have complete control of the Empire. Reduces All costs in the current system she is in by 30% and provides a fleet Commander Bonus(Spawns at Tech 1)

181st Imperial Fighter Wing - Elite Tie Interceptor squadron, lead by Baron Soontir Fel (Spawns at Tech 1)

General Maximilian Veers - Ground Commander who commands an AT-AT, comes into Battle with 2 AT-AT's, Provides a field Commander Bonus. In space He Comes in a Acclamator - I class transport(Spawns at Tech 2)

Joruus C'baoth - A Dark Jedi who is a clone of the Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth, The guardian of a Imperial storehouse on Wayland, Thrwan recruited him to help lead the Imperial Army. C'baoth is wary of the sith and does not want control the Empire fully but he knows of the Sith plan. He fears what will come afterwards. Provides an Fleet and Field commander bonus(Spawns at Tech 2)

Lumiya - Self Titled Dark Lady Sith, An Ex- Emperor's Hand. Having learned the ways of the Dark Side from Vader and Palpatine, She has returned because the Ruling Council wants her to Train a new a generation of Dark side users to combat the newly formed Jedi Order, like Vader she has cybernetic replacements due to Luke Skywalker shooting down her starfighter and uses a Light Whip. As the Sith representative on the Ruling Council, she plans to induce an Imperial civil war in the aftermath of the defeat of the warlords, New Republic and the Criminal Confederacy in which the Sith will take full control of the Empire again .Provides an Fleet and Field commander bonus and in Space Fly's a red Tie Hunter. Reduces the Price of Sith by 30%(Spawns at Tech 2)
Dengar- a Corellian bounty hunter and the pilot of the Punishing One. An assassin that was made into a cyborg by the Empire after he got was injured in a swoop accident. After he deserted the Empire he became a bounty hunter and took several bounties for people such as Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader despite being an imperial outcast. After Endor he was one of the Empire's preferred freelances. Provides a Fleet and Field commander bonus (Spawns at tech 2)

Natasi Daala - An Admiral in Charge of the Maw Installation and former lover of Grand Moff Tarkin. After Endor she was recalled to the Imperial Centre to help the empire hold itself together at the risk of leaving the Maw undefended .Commands the ISD1 The Gorgon and Provides a Fleet Commander Bonus. (Spawns at Tech 3)
Carnor Jax - The Most likely candidate to become the next sith apprentice. A former Royal guard, he himself wants to the new emperor and is one the only Dark Jedi that respects Grand Admiral Thrawn (Spawns at Tech 3)

The Hand Of Judgement - Originally a group of 5 Stormtrooper deserters from the empire after one of them killed an ISB major on board the ISDII Reprisal who then became mercenaries for hire. After doing several missions under the Command of Mara Jade, the Emperor's Hand and underworld gangsters they met an Imperial Captain Called Thrawn, he gave them full time employment as his personal commando Squad and thus being pardoned by the Empire. Recently they have also been in charge of Training Imperial Commandos. Daric LaRone is the Leader of the Squad and can emit an EMP blast, Korlo Brightwater who was trained as scout trooper so rides a 74-Z speeder bike,Taxtro Grave is the sniper for the group, Saberan Marcross who is second in command and Joak Quiller who was originally a pilot be re-trained as a medic. Provides an Field Commander Bonus and Reduces the Price of Storm Commandos by 30%.Can Infiltrate the Darksaber and Destroy it along with the surrounding fleet and planet, Removes from play for the rest of the play time (Spawns at Tech 1)

Minor Heroes
The 501st "Thrwans Fist" - Formed by Thrwan and made up of 2 platoons of the best Stormtroopers in the Empire, they are marked in Blue to remind the Galaxy of Vaders Fist. Also contains Anti Amour Storm Troopers,E-Web Troopers ,Incinerator Troopers and 2 Medics and is Commanded by Commander Fairfax. It is Thrwans Personal Unit, In space they are transported in the Acclamator - I class transport "The Fist of the Empire"(Spawns at Tech 1)

Flint - An Ex- Student of the Dark SIde by Darth Vader from
Belderone, now one Lumiya's many sith agents, Provides an Fleet and Field Commander Bonus. Pilots a tie hunter. (Spawns at Tech 2)

Luuke Skywalker - A Clone of Luke Skywalker, cloned form the hand that was cut off by Darth Vader on Bespin. After the hand and the Lightsaber was recovered, Emperor Palpatine sent it off to Wayland. As soon as Joruus C'baoth was recruited by the Empire to help with war against the New Republic, he had a Clone made out of his hand using a Spaarti cloning cylinder over the period of less than a month. When he was ready, the clone was given Jedi training by C'baoth and over time became little more than an extension of C'baoth's will. Can Sprint and throw his Lightsaber. Provides a Field and Fleet Commander, flys a Tie Hunter. (Spawns at Tech 2)

Captain Dorja - Captain of the ISD1 Relentless, One of the Star Destroyers that retreated with The Chimaera at the battle of Endor. (Spawns at Tech 1)

Lightning Squadron - A Elite unit Of Scout Troopers. Originally an elite caverly unit of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps in the Clone wars. Under the Empire there amour was replaced by scout Trooper and were given by 74-Z Speeder Bikes that were modified by the troops themselves and gave them improved Amour and weaponry while keeping them the same speed. There are a ten man unit lead by Captain Razor who fought in the Clone wars along side Jedi General Mace Windu in the Battle of Ryloth. Provides a Field Commander Bonus (Spawns at Tech 1)

Captain Brandei - Captain Brandei was an Imperial officer who spent much of his career aboard the ISD1 Judicator, he temporary worked on the SSD Executor, where he performed bridge duty as a Technical Services Officer with the Fleet Support Branch during the Battle of Hoth. Later he was given full command of the Judicator and was present at the Battle of Endor in which he fled in the aftermath. (Spawns at Tech 2)

Moff Panaka - Former head of Royal Naboo Security and Moff of the Chommell sector, After the Naboo rebellion after endor he was forced to blockade Naboo using his personal Star Destroyer ISD1 Padmé.
There maybe more added and I might change it depending on your suggestions


Hmmmm good list Nowhere3 :).
What about Daala maybe just has a ISD?

Also for Veers maybe he comes with 1 AT-AT Walker and 4 AT-STs.

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501st FTW!

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