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An explanation of one of the sides of this mod, their units, weapons and more... Screenshot will be added soon

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The Imperial Forces were a group of elite clone troopers who served in some of the best clone battalions and legions like the 501st, the 212th, the 41st and Wolfpack, as the best imperial troopers they refused to use the Stormtrooper armor and continue using their clone trooper uniforms but with their distinctive black and red colours.


Most of the Imperial Forces units are specialized in defending their command posts while the few offensive troopers they have like the Assassin and the Jettroper infiltrate and attack enemies using stealth.


IF Trooper:
- DC-15 [250]
- Pistol [0]
- Thermal detonators [4]
- Melee [0]
- The default trooper for both sides, versatile but not specialized in anything

IF Rocketeer:
- Rocket launcher [4]
- Heavy pistol [0]
- Mines [4]
- Demolition trooper, useful against vehicles, but also decent dealing a lot of damage to strong units

Bounty hunter:
- Sniper rifle [36]
- Flamethrower [0]
- Remote droid [1]
- Like a sharpshooter but also decent at close range using the flamethrower

IF pilot:
- Shotgun [150]
- Fusion cutter [0]
- Deployable turrets [2]
- Ammo [2]
- A support trooper perfect for maintain the position with the deployable turrets and the shotgun

IF Medic:
- Pistol [0]
- Bacta injector [0]
- Bacta tanks [3]
- Poison [2]
- A support trooper who can jump into the battlefield to heal allies and poison enemies

IF Jettrooper:
- DC-15 [250]
- Electric gun [0]
- Stealth [0]
- Thermal detonators [4]
(5pts for unlock)
- Assault trooper perfect for infiltrate between enemy lines and attacking them from behind

IF Assassin:
- Knife [0]
- Heavy pistol [0]
- Stealth [0]
(10pts for unlock)
- A stealth trooper who can attack both melee and ranged

Explosives specialist:
- Mortar [30]
- Pistol [0]
- Thermal detonator [6]
- Detpack [4]
- Time bombs [3]
- Mines [5]
(15pts for unlock)
- The most exclusive IF unit, it's great defending a command post with the mines, and detpacks but mortar and the thermal detonators give him a lot of offensive power and also can destroy easily some vehicles with the time bombs

IF Captain:
- DC-15 award [0]
- Shotgun [200]
- Personal shield [0]
- Autoturrets [3]
- Resistance up [2]
(25pts for unlock)
- A defensive leader equipped with a personal shield, autoturrets and a defensive boost

* In the ammo 0 means infinite.

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