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Winter is coming... Grab yourself a jacket because it's freezing cold with this ice spells. Let's take a look.

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Contrary to fire spells, the ice spells don't deal so much burst damage and don't apply any type of DoT for extra damage. But don't get me wrong, ice spells DO a lot of damage if used properly and are the best options to control enemies with their slowing and freezing effects.

The main effect of ice spells is that deals double damage to frozen enemies. So, if you combine some spells or have weapons/arrows that can freeze before casting a damaging spell, the result can be devastating.


This spells shots 3 big shards of ice in the direction your aiming for. This shards slows and has a chance to freeze the enemy hit. Also, it explodes in many small fragments upon impact in all directions. The result is a lot of ice projectiles across the screen. Always hit a target even if you miss the first shot.


A defensive/offensive spell. This area of effect spell creates a super cold explosion that freezes all the enemies in the area and slow them when the freeze effect is over. Useful when need to buy some time, freeze some enemies or make a group of archers stop shooting for a while.


The most damaging ice spell if used properly. Casting this spell shot a large piece of ice that pierce through enemies in a straight line and knockback them with great force. The secondary effect of this spell is that deals more damage for every enemy hit. That means you can do a lot of damage when the enemies are align in a line, for example in hallways. Or you can freeze them with Ice Nova and reposition for the best shot angle.


In theory, is the temperature so low that even particles doesn't have energy to move. In other words, this spells freeze EVERYTHING, but you. You are freely to move, attack, cast other spells, etc, for the duration of the spell. When the effect is over, all return to normal and enemies are also slowed for some seconds.

That's all for today.

Next article we talk about the ELECTRIC spells, shocking!

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