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First off i want to say one of the other leaders is going to be posting a news update soon giving you all an update.

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Now anyway, I am wanting advice on how to advertise TE to other places on this site and the entire web (without being called SPAM). I mean anything from going to other cnc sites - mod sites or sending group invites to everyone on cnc paridise :) ANYTHING.

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Come on, we have to figure out a way to make TE next years MOTY. There has to be a way, if there is anything that you can think of that would make TE better than the forgotten, betten than mideast crisis, better than anything else on the web. Lets put our keyboards together and figure this out. Post ideas either here or on the forums under general banter.

I want to ask all of you if any of you have the ability to have a small web page if so plz PM me then I will go into my microsoft frontpage and whip up a web page and you can post it then I will help manage the site. Then we could put it so that the metatags are mod, cnc, etc. So if you do speak up.

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I created this group, and I feel horible that the mod did not get MOTY, I am sure that it is because few know about it, not because of its quaility. I dont mean that other mods suck or anything like that, I just mean it is the best mod I have seen and I want it to win.

Next I want everyone to post thier stategies in the forums also then we will post a stategy tutorial to help noobs. I know at one time, no matter how long ago, you was a noob so we can try to help the ones that are just starting. When we post the tutorial everyone who helped will get credit for their contributions. So anything you can think of please post it, but be serious dont post things like: 100 Nod militant rush!

I realize it is a big news post but I am bored tonight and wanted to talk so above is what I having been thinking of lately.

Thanks for reading

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you could refer to this mod in a question on the main page when you just go to, i know you could email a question that you would like to see. you could do something like, which is your favorite, essence, forgotten, or mideast crisis. people would then check out essence to see what it is like compared to other mods. and then like it, usually hundreds of people answer the question.

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5T.M1C4A3L - - 65 comments

i was wrong about the hundreds, its actually thousands

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hey dudes i think you shyt put orca transport and made hover mlrs look like slingshot from kane's wrath

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this isnt KW

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