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One of the most awesome Stargate mods i have seen in a while... unfortunately it is currently stalled so if you can help it would be greatly appreciated

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HEY.. wow two bits of news from me in one week... it must be an early Christmas this year XD

Anyway I would really like all of you to check this page out : ...
It is a page for an X3:Reunion Mod but even if you don't have the game i urge you to take a look because it is one of the most awesome things i have seen in a while... there is another AWESOME picture on page 6... unfortunately the mod is currently stalled but if any of you can help it would be awesome...

The game is stalled because of issues with docking systems so if you know anything about X3 Reunion docking systems it would be greatly appreciated by me and anyone else who has X3:Reunion and is a Stargate fan :D


That sir is some sweet modding. I'd love to help, but know zip about X3.

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Dreadacide Author

thats what i was thinkin... i'd love to help him but know stuff all about X3 :[

and yes it is very very nice :]

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