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First and foremost News post, just a brief history of Red Gauge as well as our intentions.

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Guess what peoples!... We now have a news section!
Seeing as this was done completely without Mangos permission I am not really speaking for Red Gauge in this however as the co founder and designer of our fine logo (:D) I'd like to give you some history about Red Gauge.

Red Gauge was founded way back in 2009 when Luke, Nathan and myself, Jarrad, were in year 11 at Governor Stirling S.H.S. in Western Australia. Most of our scheming and concept development occurred throughout our physics lessons right until the end of high school. We planned and produced concept art and stories for a project we were calling 'Mr. Tinder'. This was to be a side scrolling puzzle game where the player had time control powers through his pocket watch. Later, in 2010, Luke decided it would be beneficial to work on a mod to gain experience in creating games without having to start from nothing more than an idea and a sketchpad. We are now currently working on the 'New Dawn' mod for the popular 'Sins of a Solar Empire' game. We now have 8 members from various parts of the globe working on the mod. We have an excellent composer who is pumping out some amazing music for the game, some crazy talented coders, Luke the lead who comes up with the story, a mad 3D modeler and myself, the 2D artist.

Well that's the history and the present, just leaves the future. Well nothing is certain but I'd like to think that Red Gauge maintains steady momentum and pushes on, after we finish this mod, to continue making games. Games of our own.

thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy following our progress and I hope you enjoy the mod when It's done.



I dont know how many times ive told mangos/luke how much i love you guys' mod but i truely love it and cant wait to play it
Thanks for the history on the group

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thebigfoot Author

Thanks man, good to see the support! Just wish I could afford my new Wacom tablet to help out with the mod more... My current tablet is being a bitch... is a Chinese brand... worked fine until i updated drivers and now cant find old drivers to revert. think it's partially windows 7 too... Anyway, thanks again for support and if you want I could make it a regular topic for our news, I mean the story behind red gauge and our local happenings etc? Just a thought.

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wait how did you upload this O_O also do you have any idea if nathan is still alive. Cause a coder of his...expertise could be useful

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