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Even though the last month (or was it months?) have been slow, I've managed to pull a little update on the game which adds more than 300 characters and attack differences. I hope you like it.

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This is me. Posting after a long time about The Million Character Game. Yeah, it's also been a long time since I posted a blog post or something like that.

So, The Million Character Game's Halloween Special was a disaster (again), I'm not that stupid to try it once more. Yeah, I think this will be the last one. I was literally giving free games for the sake of Halloween, and still only one person entered the contest, he (obviously) won the highest prize (the $10 Steam game) and he has still not claimed his prize. A total disaster... Heh, I blame myself for not promoting it that much.

Well, at least I've got some cash in my Steam Wallet for myself... I guess...

Anyways, I continued to work on that new engine for the game I mentioned in some older post, the one that automatically adds new characters to the game so I don't have to go to harder work in the future and we can add new characters in a much faster way... Well, after some months of trying I finally completed it and it's COMPLETELY USELESS.
It's hard to explain. The engine makes the characters look all blurry and stuff, makes them looks so horrible. So for the sake of the game's quality I think I'll be going to manually add each character to the game.

Well, at least I can save time making the character lists for each version, right?

If that weren't enough... Look, I'm a mexicunt staying for a year in France and let's say that the organization who keeps me here broke and didn't send us any money... So I'm basically standing on a foreign country with almost no money so let's say that I need to work on other things for the moment, without to mention that I don't fully understand the locals.

Well... Well... Fuck.

Don't get me wrong, these pictures are obviously exaggerating. I'm going to a little stress right now but it's not that much. I don't want y'all to categorize me as the typical Facebook girl.


Well, I worked a little on the game during my breaks and 0.4 is done.

What's new? Since I the new engine was a failure I manually added all the other characters you all made (still thanking y'all for making them) which are 328 new characters and a total of 508 playable characters! (woah)

This is the current character list:

Making images like this is the only use I have for the new mechanic, it's not a total waste I guess.

A YouTube user made a review video for the Version 0.3 of the game. I think it is really neat that there's people out there talking about my game, or like them enough to make videos of them; well, there are only like four videos to this date, but it means a world to me. The guy on the video said: "If the developer were to improve the game this game would be awesome", which means that it is not cool just now. Maybe?
I'm working on that right now, it will come slowly but it will come, I hope.
I added something that I call "Attack Stamps":

Attack Stamps are the shape or sprite of the attack the character makes. I've made a few different ones and I'd like to keep it that way, y'know, for simplicity. These Attack Stamps also have an assigned color for more diversity.
Right now it is on the game, and it works for most of the characters.

This is "rob" using white beams.

And here, "solrock" using orange fire.

This is the way it works for the moment, but in the future, it will be quite different.
I'm planning to give each character different attacks rather than just shooting straight, I've come up with some ideas to begin with:

Each Attack Type can be assigned with an Attack Stamp, which is later assigned a color; all this to make every character a little bit more unique :)

All this will come, but mostly not soon because of my situation right now, but let's not think of that right now and enjoy what I have for you today, so...


TMCG 0.4 [PC]

Change Log = TL;DR

Version 0.4

  • New:
    • Added 328 new characters
    • Added Attack Stamps
    • Added more whiny cries and excuses

This is it for now I guess. I'll keep up my work on the game, like... I would say "always" but... Anyways, with the inclusion of the Attack Stamps, there are a lot of things that need to be revised on the game and it does not get better with the Attack Types I jut mentioned earlier. I could use your help to polish the game on this forum page, it would help a lot the game to improve faster :)

Thanks again for reading yet another fat blog entry, see you soon! (Please......)

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