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Standing here, I realize, you are just like me- Oh wait wrong game. It's pretty simple, I'm back. I'm probably gonna keep working here, or work on other games (Like my Unity projects or my Roblox series.) idk.
I have a two polls set up, one will be live tomorrow, and one right now. Go vote, and yes I'm asking you guy for help, I'm out of ideas. Go ahead and post your ideas in the comment section.Cloamker

Also should I new NTF units such as Cloakers? (They have the "Class-d Finder 9000") they can find you through walls, and just dropkick you, and cannot get up. (also you will crash, like the cloakers on Payday 2 launch (or when they were first released I forgot))
Oh no, not I have to buy RPG maker for 39 dollars if I gotta make this like Changed Special.

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