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Hyper Dark has been in production for over 1 year now. It is the largest project I have worked on. After Action 52 and the Cheetahmen, this will be my first serious project.

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Hyper Dark Strange Asteroids 1Hyper Dark Ship Console 2Hyper Dark Status Screen

As part of a large ship armada exploring the unknown sectors of space, you find yourself barely alive with a damaged fighter and the armada destroyed. Mine asteroids and dead alien craft for resources. Find the nine warp beacons needed to make it back to earth. In your journey you will encounter both good and hostile alien life. Configuring your ships power sources to the right systems in each encounter may be the key to success. Collect strange space artifacts that enhance your ships systems and discover strange allies to help you in your quest. Hyper Dark will take you back to the age of learning through exploration instead of through tedious tutorials and manuals.

Here is the teaser trailer:

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