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Hurricane Irene is tearing up the US's east coast, but we're busy with level editors, animated backgrounds, and pygmy villages!

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Hurricane Irene is tearing up the US's east coast, but that's all the better for Wyv and Keep, because we're locked inside and forced to hunker over our computers! The biggest project we’re wrapping up is a complete overhaul of the level editor for its upcoming release to our pre-orderers.


It’s looking pretty polished, no? We’re calling it “Wyv’s Cartographer” and it allows you access to all of the map building tools we use ourselves. You’ll even be able to add custom templates to the game easily, so that you can build new areas for Wyv and Keep to explore.I’m working on getting a community area back up (I tried at one before but couldn’t get a hand on the uncontrollable spambots) so that pre-orderers will have a place to get together and swap custom maps and themes. If you haven’t bought Wyv and Keep yet and want access to the editor before release, head on over to the buy page and give us some of your money!


In further news, Beau and I have been working to get some of the remaining graphical tasks out of the way. World 4 is looking better and better, with some great pixel masonry by Beau and a bit of a more polished background I’m currently working on. Even more importantly, David’s gotten animated backgrounds programmed in (hooray!!) and Beau’s been whipping up things like waterfalls, bubbling cauldrons, torches, and all sorts of creepy crawlies to bring a bit of life and atmosphere into the slower, more puzzle-heavy levels.

It’s going to be RIDONCULOUS.

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