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A quick tutorial on how this mod can be downloaded and used to its full potential!

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Hello again! Today I'll be going in-depth on how the Voya Nui Rescored mod for Bionicle Heroes should be installed upon release. I'll be posting these instructions again when I do finally release it, so don't worry about bookmarking anything. Note: any instructions relating to folders and files assumes you are using the "Bionicle Heroes Modder's Edition" or "Modder's Edition Deluxe" versions of the PC release of the game.

Warning: Fancy Modding Details Incoming!

The mod removes some tracks from the game entirely, using their designations under different situations. Specifically, the game removes the "medium" tracks from Thok's Mountain, Avak's Stronghold, and Vezok's Deluge. At this point in time, one of these has been shifted into another use location, which is why I recommend replacing files in the "levels" folder. Why? Well, the medium tracks in the stages mentioned before are being replaced and/or used elsewhere, making some tracks not exactly fit the bill. As such, I modified the level files themselves to call on the areas' respective low tracks (the out-of-combat tracks in the first level, and sometimes third, in the three mentioned stages.) rather than the ones out of use.

This level modification is necessary in order for the mod to work properly, but the game won't be bugged without it. And, since I tried to do this with compatibility in mind, it's easy to replace individual files (or you can hop into the .txt files yourself and make the tweaks I did) if you don't want to replace the whole folder. So, how does one go about doing that?

if you'd like to perform these modifications without replacing your entire "levels" folder, you'll need to locate and open each of the sub-folders that start with "stronghold", "mountain" or "water", followed by a number. In each of these there is a Notepad document titled "level". Open this and search the first screen or so of text for a pair of lines that should have one music track and five numbers following it. If the top line starts with something ending in "_Me" or "_me", you'll need to change that to "_lo". If you do not change these files, either by doing this or replacing the "levels" folder entirely, you will hear the wrong music or silence!

Next, go to the "bigbad" subfolder in "levels" and open its "level" document. Locate the lines that say "7th_piraka_boss" followed by a series of numbers. Change the top line to "stronghold_me" with the numbers left in, and save the changes before exiting. What this does is it gives the room just before the Vezon fight a kind of lobby music, meaning the music from before you open the door is different from when the fight actually begins.

Here lies the end of the fancy talk.

Was that a lot of words? I can't say I blame you. There is a simpler method, but I'll go into that on release (or at least closer to release.) You could always completely ignore these instructions and just replace the "_Music" folder, but again, that causes some problems with the wrong music playing at the wrong time in the wrong places. Yeah, lots of wrongs. Anyway, that's all for now!

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