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I will be uploading various horror maps to this mod as addons which you can play as they are uploaded.

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I happen to have a big backlog of various horror maps I made over the years, so I decided I will use this mod page for posting all horror maps I made, each map will be a length around 10-15 minutes or more and will work as a small single player campaign. Simply download the zip files located in addons, drag and drop the map file (bsp file) into your ep2/hl2 maps folder.

I am sorry that there still is no work being done on the mod itself, necrophobia lost forest, but I would like to continue on it one day. I managed to make 3 fully fleshed out maps for it so far but it's been hard to get inspiration to come back.

If I eventually decide to discontinue it completely I will atleast make it into a small half-life 2 horror mappack instead.

At the moment there is hells mines, a small singleplayer map for Ep2 which you can play right now in addons, more maps will follow soon.

Thank you for still sticking with me!

If you are interested in other stuff im currently working on, feel free to follow my development on my active mod PTSD 2:

Follow development of any new stuff im making, on my discord:

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