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Horn company lead by Eeth coth and captain lock, part of 442nd siege battalion. The first version titled 1st legion has not appeared and was missing some detail so I have just posted another, if 1st legion appears let me know and I will delete it.

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Medic/light infantry: DC-15s blaster carbine, bacta packs, pistol, grenades

sniper/ heavy infantry: DC-15A with scope, pistol, grenades, ammo, stealth

Combat engineer: DC-15s carbine, portable turret, portable shield, auto turret, fusion cutters,drone, DET packs, basically a nerd.

Scout: DC-15s carbine award, stealth, flamethrower, binoculars, grenades, stun baton

Jet trooper: emp launcher, DC-15A rifle, flamethrower, grenades,jetpack, missles

ARC trooper: DC-15A rifle award, dual pistols, grenades, mini jet pack, bacta packs, minigun

Captain Lock: DC-15s award, dual pistols, ability to call for troopers, portable shield, helmet binoculars, grenades

Eeth coth with green lightsaber with saber throw and force push

These guys will appear on tantive IV, Polis massa, and a new spaceship map against greivous, magna guards and commando droids. May be a campaign. All of these guys are phase II (obviously eeth coth is the same)


I can't wait!

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