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To fill in the time of the PC version, for all you PSP guys, FANGS decided to add in this little map pack to fill the time! Think of it like a COD map pack, 4 maps , 1 zom- wait no, no zambies -_-

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AT6 Is back and (almost) better than ever!
4 Brand new maps, fully tested and 100% playable!
The nice grab of this map is now over, and if you ddint get this one, you better hope Christmas comes early! Fight Bots ( Or your friend/ creepy strangers who happen to be near you and happen to have the same game and happen to have this map pack ) In Long-Rage combat on the rooftops of 9, 10 story buildings! Fight in Close-Quarter areas within the buildings interior! If your not afraid of heights to play this map, FANGS has one tip for you-

Better grab your shopping bags and head straight to the Oxford Valley Mall! But dont think about the clothes, or the jewlery, or the sweet new call of duty game that makes you think your a gun expert but in reality your a fat nerd who waste his life- Be sure to buy body parts, P90 SMG, M16's and AK-47s, and make sure to keep your head down! Terrorists have overtaken a mall, and its your job to take it back!
This map will put your PSP to the test, weve squeezed out all that we could, and this map still runs at the max of 30-40 FPS ( not that good, but as good as COW )

If you dont enjoy Rooftops, then you may as well keep looking! Fight the Invading Terrorists on one of the tallest points of the West US! The small town of Jade Pass on the peaks of the Rocky Mountians, Blast your way through buildings, caves, and even the underground sewageway! This will take both a shot gun and a sniper rifle!
Hope you practice Noscoping!

There is a shooting at the local school! but not between kids or teachers, but between factions! Navigate the halls of this public school before its too late!
All due respect if this comes a little late, but that means we want you to have only the best!

We cant say much about this map, but lets just say the experience will be out of this world!

Nice knowing you guys!

-Friday Arcade Night Gaming Studios

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sounds good,i cant wait these maps :)

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