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Homeworld verse mod-Freelancer History,what happens with homeworld universe after the awakening of sajuuk

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Five years have passed after the siege of Hiigara by the Vaygr, is the era of s'jet, every progenitor gate are open, but what lies behind them?, the Vaygr are still standing but weaker, The Taiidan Empire returned to emerge with the help of Vaygr, and the beast returned.
You are a simple citizen of Hiigara fascinated by space, you are tired of having your feet on the ground, you went to a spacecraft store and bought the most economical ship, and got ready for your big trip in the homeworld universe ...



How will you implement the Kadeshi?
They should be all dead.

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josetheid Author

the Kadeshi is not added.. so im in time to delete it , thx :)

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josetheid Author

Huh, gonna correct my past person there, years before the Kushan infiltration into the Kadeshi nebula, there was one kadeshi mothership, most the crew of this ship were against Kadeshi isolation.
After a fight on board against those who opposed the rebels, the ship puts course to thr edge of the nebula, with intentions of leaving it forever, won't be easy, another mothership was waiting for them, someone launched a distress call during the riot.
The second Kadeshi mothership opens communications with them.
"Vessel 260, you are reaching the end of the garden, you are not allowed to exit it, turn around or we will both regret the lost of brothers and sisters."
They ignored the warning, both motherships fougth in battle.

The first mothership won, yet his hull integrity were greatly damaged, they drifted for years, until they found a planet, this planet, will become the homeworld of the new Kadeshi, the Kadeshi who said no to their masters, the Kadeshi who wants a bright future.

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