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I know most of you still play homeworld 2, heck, probably even want a homeworld 3, untill relic finish all the wh40k stuff their doing your probably not going to get a homeworld 3 soon, so until then, you might want to try this mod

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Homeworld: Fx Commander review

I got homeworld 2 a couple
of days ago, and my opinion on it? really good but the fact there was
only two factions compared to the factions (6? i think it was 6) from
homeworld 1, What FX does is adds many factions from homeworld 1, like
the Taiidan, turanic raiders and the Kadesh.

Installation - Easy, use the installer, if it doesn't work then you either A) have other modded folders
B) need to make a new profile or C) an unknown problem.

Main menu
- here is the main menu,you will notice several new options like
browse ship, original design drawing and literature reading, you'll also
see it says tutorial/test, instead of just tutorial now, i am unsure
what the test actually does since it crashes my homeworld 2 when i try
to load it.
Browse ship - this option takes you to a screen
where you can view the ships of the old races (Hiigari and Vagyr) and
the new ones ( Progenitor, Turanic raiders, taiidan, Kadesh and the not
implemented yet Bentusi.) so far for this option you can only look at
the ships of 4 races, which are Hiigari,vaygr,progenitors and taiidan)
Original design drawing - this takes you to a screen where you can view the concept art of the mod
Literature reading - This
screen is supposed to tell you about the weapons and history (i think)
i'm not sure what to say for this due to the fact that mine comes out as
loads of gibberish and strange symbols.

player vs computer - the
first thing you will notice will probably be the question mark on the
map preview screen, if you look at the map list, you will notice there
are loads of new maps for 2-6 players.
If you look at the gametype
you can choose from deathmatch,space,campaign and home world
classic,since homeworld classic is what i use most of the time, i'll
describe that one first
Homeworld classic - so, what makes this
mode different? well, quite a lot actually, there are new options,you
can change unit cap,change starting resource, turn RU injections on or
off (you will get the set number of Resource every minute i think, there
is no way to change how often it happens) you can set whether
everything is researched at the beginning or not, turn fast construcion
on/off (speeds up construction process) thats a lot of new features, and
most of them allow for those who don't like waiting for the action to
start to begin battling quicker.
deathmatch - default, comes with original game
- two maps for this, you can change starting resource, resource
multiplier can be set higher or lower, you can also change starting
location,from what i can tell, the game puts you near areas with low
resource, i think its meant to make a war for resource in the middle of
the map where there are rings of Asteroids.
campaign - can change
unit cap, starting resource and change resource multiplier, these appear
to be campaign missions made by the mod team where you can be any

I think i have covered the whole mod ( not including the
vast amounts of new units) Multiplayer is the same but if you want to
play multiplayer you have to play someone who also has the FX mod.

Overall I'm giving the mod a 10/10
due to the large amounts of new units,new options,new maps,new
features. this is a great mod for all that want to add a massive amount
of content to Homeworld 2

Mod review by BuffaloOmen Mod created by 9CCN Team, who also made the gundam Seed mod

Download the mod from its moddb page -

Preview: v1.86

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