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A little disussion over our next projects and the new memeber: ME!!!! :D 1!!!eleven!!!11! So, yea, you wannna read this right now.

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Well, I contacted our oh so great leader to give him ideas.
In the end, I joined him.

So, we "briainstormed" a ton of ideas, and I thought we needed to change the "CAIK" francise...
So I suggested Muffin, he suggested Donut. Donut won.

If you looked in recent images, you'd see the epic sign he made. He replaced a few thing (Oh gawd no high-energy-pellets)

Next, I suggested we change the whole "elevator" thing. This is where stuff gets sorta cool.
I came up (ME >:U) with a "pipe" (Video ish uploading)
You travel from one chamber to another via a pipe.
(PS, you do NOT wanna know the complaning he's been doing over how hard lighting is)

We also talked over some cube ideas, And I'll tell you a couple now:

Flashlight Cube
^ This way up Cube

Post on the comments if you like any of the new changes!


All these ideas are pretty neat. I think I has a cube u can use. Magnet Cube. Attracts hard to reach items. Just a suggestion ;D

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