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6-15-11 update and list of positions open if your at all interested send in an application. -Jacob Vay

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Hey, its me. I'm just Writing an article as a mini update. I have decided to take a step of faith and start writing a game. I'm planning on going forum searching in search of a team. I still need:

-a Programmer/Coder: I can do some basic C++ and Im learning more but im in desperate need for somreone more talented than myself

-a Texture Artist: I can do Gimp and whatnot but nothing hi-res.

- a Modeler: I would like to get another Modeler on board since we have one good one and me.

in conclusion, I can do a little of everything but Im a writer trying to learn to develop games... not an experinced developer... any help would be great. -Jacob Vay

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