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WELL, I'M BACK! Here I show the progress made in the development of this mod, and what its future will be.

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Hello to all!

First I want to thank everyone for the patience in following the updates for this mod. It's been a while since the last update, I know and I apologize. I had and still have to work hard to stay afloat, because things are getting worse here in Italy; I don't know how they are going in other countries (I mean the economic situation and everything else). Anyway, here I am with a NEW UPDATE!

HITA Tunnels P01


Currently, I'm working on two locations: WOODS (set in an Alpine environment), and TUNNELS. The last one, TUNNELS, is set into a massive underground facility (it's use is still TOP SECRET :D XD), and as I already said, it will be a KEY POINT in the campaign. In this article you can see three screenshots of it, in its last working stage: I'll keep you updated, anyway.

HITA Tunnels P02

I'm dedicating most of my modding time to this level, as I'm working on many aspects: areas, environment, effects, items, sounds, music and - of course - gameplay. I can say this location is inspired by the underground ones of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (with Far Cry, they are my favourite videogames).


About the music, I currently done some themes, the most for exploring purposes, and one for the combat sessions, but I still have to divide them in different parts to enhance gameplay and realism, as made by Crytek and the composer Thomas Baertschi in the original game soundtrack.

HITA Tunnels P03


There is a lot of meat on the fire, I will keep you posted on the progress and everything related to HEROES INTO THE APOCALYPSE.

Oh, I forgot, the single-player playmates do not seem to work for now, and I am not an expert in this kind of modifications. I'll do my best, anyway.

Here's the last video update, recorded in the WOODS map:

See you in the next updates, good continuation to all.

ArcheoVoices (ex TRESUSMedia)

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