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Here we are. v0.66 pre-beta demo. Be prepared for minor/major bugs. Its only a light-prewiev demo. So dont expect to much. More and more features to come.

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You can download latest version here:

In case any problems on Windows Vista/Windows7 - run game from installed folder.

If you think it's worth, we will be happy if you give your vote for us here:


Some usefull ( we hope ) infos:

You need to bring both characters to the exit. By avoiding the various pitfalls along the way, killing mobs, and remain a `live`. Death, as a form of not-quite-living, living in the live-world, losing energy all the time, and the only way to refill it is to devour souls of killed mobs. Unfortunately, only the fly can fight monsters. Both characters are slightly different from each other. Death is more resistant to trap rather than fly. Sometimes it may happen that You'll need to move a block, toggle switch. Blocks can be moved only by Death. And character can only toggle switches assigned to it. The Keys ... Each character can pick up the keys, but only death could open the doors. One more thing ... Only Death can record current game state at the save point.

In game Controls:

`arrows` - movement.
`arrow up` - toggle switch
`arrow down` - save point ( only Death )
`enter` - take/drop an item (keys). ( Fly takes items automatically. )
`tab` - change character.
`z` - open/close inventory, `enter` to use an item.
`esc` - Exit to Menu.

( while controlling the Death )

`space` - jump.
`ctrl` - devour a soul.

( while controlling a Fly )

`space` - change a weapon.
`ctrl` - shoot.

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