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HERC Destroyer mod has been put exclusively into Shifter mod for Tribes 2. Time to kill.

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HERC Destroyer mod has been put exclusively into Shifter mod for Tribes 2.
Time to kill.


Those are some sweet looking vecs... It almost makes me want to play T2 again.

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shifter for Tribes 1 was my favourite game. Does shifter for T2 retain all the cool things like forcefields ?

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INtense! Staff

i gotta say, while they are only icon sized so it is hard to judge.. boy is that an impressive line up of vehicals :D

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TerroX Author

yes it has lots of wall type thingos.
here is a list,
Over 20 weapons including Twin Mortars, mortar ammo types and mid-air detonation, plasma types, chaingun types, Engineer gun hack/recharge/repair/disassemble etc - options for many weapons

11 Grenade types, including EMP, Poison, Repair and timed Plastique

9 Mine types including Lightning, Laser, Shock

19 packs including Heavy Weapon packs like Nuke, Plasma Cannon, Devistator Cannon, Morph Pack (flying vehicle which transforms into gravbike), Telepack, Boosters etc

7 Vehicle modules for use on certain vehicles - vortex bombs, napalm bombs, Missiles, Blasters, Cloaking, Booster etc

25 Deployables including New Turret Barrels, Large Turrets, Laser Turrets, Airbases, Vehicle Pads, Teleporters, Vehicle Teleporters, Repair Radius, Shield Radius, Flare launchers, Cameras detect all visible players etc.

Shifter - started by Emo1313, finished by TerroX
This mod has been in active development for about 2 years.

The HERC Destroyer is in Shifter. It is a mech which has 1 pilot and 3 gunners - big guns, very tough.

Players can carry 2 sets of mines or grenades or one of each, packs can be used in vehicles, vehicle modules can be attached to vehicles.

Wheeled Vehicles:
Caterpillar 4 Wheeled Tank
Wolverine APC Jeep
Collosus Gun Platform
Jericho Mobile Base
Carnivore Assault Jeep

Grav Vehicles:
Wildcat Light Gravbike
Cyclops Medium Gravbike
Gravidson Heavy Gravbike
Titan Tank
Ogre Tank

Air Vehicles:
Morph (this is a pack)
Shrike Scout
Wraith Fighter
Thundersword Bomber
Havok Flying APC
Griffon Heavy Bomber APC
Condor Carrier

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nice line up :D

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ahhh sounds great i'll get back into it
the only problem is tribes 2 is a demanding game in terms of performance. I'm running on a 1.2ghz t-bird with 64mb geforce2 MX400 and i have to run it on pretty poor settings. I'll be upgrading soon, hopefully it will improve with a ~2ghz and a geforce3 or 4

in shifter for tribes i loved being an engie and building awesome defences in maps like raindance, where you could create little entrances for your team, double forcefields, walls, those sniper lasers....AH it was bliss! My favourite gaming experience EVER!

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