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Hi I need some help, if you feel qualified please be willing to send me an email.

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Hiya, this is Assassin17 the leader of the group "Gasmask Modders Company" and will be pulling the team through this mod. I must say three members is most certainly not enough to make a relatively long mod so I am asking for some help. Here is a similar list to the one on my profile page...
1/4 mappers
0/3 modelers
1/2 concept artists
0/2 graphic artists
0/3 story line artists
0/1 animators
0/3 programmers/coders
I am a little desperate for the help(notice I said three and only two people are listed here, I did not include myself.) I feel this is an appropriate number of members that I am capable of handling along with school and things of this sort. Currently the place I am really lacking is a graphic artist, as you can see I made the header and the preview image is simply the skybox...woohoo. I am 100% sure there is a person out there that can surpass my skill in such a thing. The next most important is a story line artist, because once again it isn't my specialty. I can write the idea but just not very well. Then we need some modelers and concept artist. Next we are lacking the mapping force needed to complete the modding process. sorry animators you come last..quite simply because we have nothing for you to animate. And coders aren't on the list because there isn't a really a place for you guys, we just need you. If you do not see your role listed but you would still like to work on the mod please send me an email of what you do and what you can do for the mod. If you notice that your place is full but you know that you process exceptional skillzz please let me know.

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This would be a golden opportunity to expand your personal skill sets Assassin - once you find who your looking for here of course.

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