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Let's pitch in to get the mod done! We have a need of modders of all sorts to finish the mod, but our first goal is to simply get it up and running. We need two XML files completed, and two dedicated modders who will aid us in doing so!

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We have completed a lot of art, along with the map, and some XML. Unfortunately, we have lost some of our staff, and now we need some new blood to get the mod done. It simply will not load until we have certain files completed, and so here are the positions open at the moment.

Diplomacy Coding:
Add diplomacy text for every leader in the mod, by editing the requisite XML files. Creativity is appreciated, but for the first release, merely copying and pasting the same dialogue for more than one leader is preferable if you get them completed more quickly.
Requirements: Must be able to edit XML, preferably have knowledge editing Civ4 text before. Must become aware of whom the leaders are in the mod.

Building Coding:
Rework all of the buildings from the core game to fit with the updated tech tree, using the Civ4BuildingInfos XML. Do not worry about adding more buildings ore unique ones--that will come once we successfully load the mod.
Requirements: Must be able to edit XML, preferably have edited Civ4 building XML before. Must become aware of the tech tree that the mod uses.

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