This is a LONG TERM PROJECT and we expect to be working on this game over the next year as well. While we do have significant progress, it can be done in a reasonable amount of time in a team.

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You MUST have Skype to be a part of this project. Add me on Skype through the username Sushihad or look up "Pakki Sukibe". I will then add you to a group chat and we will discuss more as we go.If you are willing to be a spriter, you can also email me at If you do add me on Skype POST HERE SO I KNOW, just so I know who you are.


- Spriter [VERY IMPORTANT, 2]:

You will be working with one other spriter to output sprites for the main characters and Major NPCs. These sprites are in the VX style and references/answers will be provided as necessary.

- Mapper/Level Designer[2]:

You will be cooperating with me and another mapper to create the various areas in the game, primarily the dungeons and architecture for the university. If you have some eventing knowledge, I can allow you to create puzzles for the dungeon in conjunction with the maps.

- Database Population/Balance QA [1]:

You will be providing aid with populating the database. As it stands, not ALL the character's skills are implemented, so it'll be your responsibility to add the skills and appropriate states in as needed using your judgement for balance. You will also be assessing potential balance issues between skills and letting me and my primary assistant know.

- General Assistant and QA:

You will be providing help with any of the 3 above areas as needed. You will also be testing for bugs and event logic flaws.

- Coder/Scripter:

Make modifications to existing scripts as needed to address glitches that I have been unable to remedy (they should be minor).

- Voice actor:

You will be acting the part of one of many Major (or minor) NPCs. For more information, view this thread: CLICK HERE


Keep in mind this is a Free to play game and therefore this work is voluntary and I can't really provided compensation (save for the occassional doodle and random group conversation). I am considering putting a kickstarter to fund the project (but not sell), but this is up in the air and not certain, so don't count on it anytime soon (though you will get a share if needed). I'm very thankful for anyone that does want to provide help and you will have some say in the game development as we progress (in addition to regular updates on the game).
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Hello, I am interested in assisting in anyway possible, if there is anything I am unable to do, I will strive to learn it. May I add you on skype? (repost on correct page).

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