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The Cube Experimental Complex will be opened soon, and SARMA IRI is pleased to present this extract for the test subjects of this project.

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Object: Help File for Test Subjects
Project: CUBE

SARMA IRI is happy to announce about the restoration of the works on project CUBE, which was frozen in the end of 1990-es. Doors of the experimental complex will be open for test subjects soon. This document is intended for overview of structure and aims of CUBE complex.

So, imagine a Rubic's Cube. A simple cube, made of many smaller, colourful cubes, which can be moved around. Old child's puzzle-game: if you can move the smaller blocks around in a right way, you can create a larger cube. It may seem funny, but from such simple concept grew an idea of Project CUBE - gigantic cube, made of smaller cubic modules, which are moving around relative to each other. Complex CUBE is just a simple, although somewhat changed, Rubic's Cube. There's much more modules, they are moving, and there are also cavities - they are used as test chambers. And many movable blocks allow us to create new and new test chambers in a short periods of time. Considering this, the main aim is different - the test subject has not to build this "Rubic's Cube", but escape from it, to calculate the order of blocks movement, orientate inside, find his way, and get to the exit. To find out the rule, according to which blocks move, would not be so hard, since they follow the same program, which is controlled by a special computer. Operators control the work of this machine and leave guiding messages in each chamber.

A little bit about test elements. In our test chambers you can see several types of industrial hyperboloids of several types; so called upgraded catapults; and the subject of our pride, result of years of experiments in physics and effects of changing object states - gravitational and propulsion fields, which had been transported to our complex from the pages of sci-fi literature. Many tasks would be complex and include multiple elements, which both make the way out harder and more interesting.

The main principles of working on the Project CUBE were and still are the safety and desire of test subjects to complete the tests, as well as combination of logical and pshychological tests. Apart from this, high level of preparation of test subjects is required. The experimental complex always welcomes those, who had completed test grounds of Aperture Science, as well as people with well developed intellect. If tou can move science forward - you are our man (or woman).

Thanks for the attention, test subjects. Await further instructions.

Your test begins after 108 days. We will try to inform you, when the time comes.

SARMA Industrial Research Institute.

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