Ready to start this show? Hello guys, we are DoubleDamage, a team working on a new Empire Earth mod. What does this mod include? Well:

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More than 6 Factions of the Great War: The British Empire, The German Empire, France, Austria-Hungary, Italy, The Ottoman Empire, United States, Russia, etc.

Historical battles: The Fiirst Battle of Marne, Gallipoli, The Battle of Jutland, The Battle of Verdun, The Battle of Somme, The Brusilov Offensive, The Battle of Ammien, etc.

Realistic battles: Real sized units, realistic stats for every unit, a lot of weapons used in those days.

Each Factions with realistic units: Gotha bomber and A7V tank for the German Empire, Sopwith Camel fighter and Mark V tank for the British Empire, etc.

Factions with Special Elite infantry units: Flamethrowers for German Empire, Arditis for Italy, Trench Riders for France, Cossacks for Russians, etc.

Many things are inspired from Battlefield 1 (a lot, maybe). If you know the game, you will recognize the references and art style. Many others are very kind-of historical accurate, but we want to give a great experience in the gameplay too. We will posting the news and we will release a Beta the next weeks featuring Third Battle of Ypres (Battle of Passchendaele) and will face The Brittish Empire and The German Empire land forces. As the develop goes by, we will add more maps featuring more battle, more factions, more history and of course, more fun. Stay tuned! and see you in the battlefield, soilders.

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How can I download this to try?

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