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Elhrrah here for Razed Entertainment, introducing our crew and telling you all what our project's about.

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Razed Entertainment is a small group of artists and developers who have caught the modding bug. Some of us have been working together for over a year, way back when the original concept was spawned, while others are a bit more fresh. We cover a large chunk of the USA, reaching into Canada and even the UK. For some, this is their first major project, while others have been around the block a time or two. Most of the team still hasn't joined Moddb yet - key word, yet - which means that some introductions are in order.

First up, we've got our fearless leader, mapper, and organizer, Bill Mitchell. He's the man with the mapping skills, the lone Hammer-guru, who also happens to have a great sense of organization, and an addiction to cheese. Bill describes himself as:

“A New Hampshire native leading the charge on Blood & Dye's technical development.”

Next up is our ink-wielding Art-Director and fellow plot-junkie, Rob Gates. Rob's been around for a while, since way back when this was all just a bunch of napkin-scribbles. The man with the visual plan, Rob Gates describes himself as:

“Rob (r6artist) Gates is a part-time illustrator and full-time dilettante serving dual roles in Razed Entertainment as a Concept Artist and Art Director. “

For out character, prop, and creature concept art, we have the talents of Alex Rodway. Alex is a Canadian art student, possessing some great skill with a pencil and a monster of a beard. Alex describes himself as:

“My name is Alex Rodway and I act as one of the concept artists for Project: Blood and Dye. My key role is that of character/ creature design and weapon design. So far I have contributed to the visual creation of the Jhinn, Chaun, and Craus species. Although tempted and mocked by some, I have not yet shaven my beard.“

A fresh face among the concept art, Dan Weaver is a college student from California. He was unable to provide a description at this time.

On the environmental end, we have Kristin Houser. An art grad from sunny California, Kristin is a seasoned concept artist and one responsible for all the amazing cave scenery we're going to show you. She describes herself as:

“My name is Kristin Houser and I am currently working as a freelance illustrator. On Blood and Dye my main responsibility is the conceptual design of the environments. I also provide input and sketches in other fields of conceptual design.”

Acting as our guru of the three dimensions is Paul-Emile Boucher. Paul is a degree-wielding Frenchman steeped in 3d modeling experience. Having worked on everything from MMO's to T.V. Series, Paul really knows where his towel is. He describes himself as:

“My name is Paul-Emile Boucher, I’m a student in the French CG school Supinfocom. I joined the Blood and Dye crew to work on the 3D part of the project, mainly environnement and character modeling. “

In the web department, Jeremiah Poisson is our man. A full-time web developer out of Florida, Miah is our html wizard and the gracious host of our private development site. On top of his day job, Miah is also our auditory authority on everything musical. Having been with us from day one, he's seen Blood & Dye grow like no one else. Miah describes himself as:

“My name is Jeremiah Poisson, web developer for Razed Entertainment. I was born and raised in a small town in NH called Keene. I taught myself the fundamentals behind programming, autodidact style, and eventually moved onto HTML and CSS. This lead me to PHP/MySQL where I do most of my work now. I also know ASP, Javascript, ColdFudion, RUBY and a host of other programming languages. On top of this, I have one more hobbie that I just cannot leave out; music. Music is something that has been with me from the beginning as well. I have been in a host of bands through high school and after. “

As you can see, we're a small crew. But we've got big plans. What we're working on, for now, is a single scene, a single segment which reflects some of the best elements we have in store. The scene is not long, which means that we can focus on quality. We've set deadlines and we've planned milestones, and we're going to finish this project come hell or high water. And you get to watch it all. In the coming months, we shall show you the fruits of our labors, discuss the background of our project, and involve the community in its development. So far, we have shown you a few concepts, a short video, and a lot of text.

As is tradition, we're pulling this off gratis, alongside schoolwork and day jobs, which means that we are always cramming for time. It also means that we will take any help we can get. Programmers, scripters, modelers, animators, artists; anyone and everyone with skill, talent, and patience. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, complaints, or complements, we'll take 'em. You can contact me, Elhrrah, via Email, DeviantArt, or PM and expect to get a response usually within 48-72 hours – excluding this week. Otherwise, just look up the galleries or pages of the other members, and give 'em a shout; we like questions.

In closing, I'd like to thank everyone here at Moddb; it's going to be fun.

Writer for Razed Entertainment


I think I'll introduce myself in addition. A fairly new member of the team, I'm deathbagel aka aaron and I'm (so far) the sole mapper on this project. I've been mapping for about a year now and I'm personally really excited to be working on this project. Right now I'm working on making an intro movie for the game which you guys might get as a trailer.


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