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Today we want to say: "Hello everyone!" and introduce ourselves.

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We are young and passionate indie gamedev company. We love games, its our life, so welcome to it. Fell free to ask any questions about what we do and who we are.

Let's start)

First of all we want to show our team.

1.Programmers. People without any tech limits. Like codding. Like pizza. Like codding with pizza) Play games and look like the real cool guys.

photo 2017 02 01 14 22 34

2. Artists. Quiet and tranqful outside. Passionate and bright inside. Special people.

photo 2017 02 01 14 22 23

3. People, who help us on our interesting way (Translator, screenwriter, pr manager and of course the HEAD of Game zale, our idea maker and just good man)


4. Our mascot pets:


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and Archi

photo 2017 02 16 15 45 29

Here we are!

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