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So many changes since the last time I posted here, it is now becoming more of the game I was hoping it would be!

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Hello friends,

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I know not many follow my work here, and I'm not surprised as I haven't updated this page since 2017 or so. I apologize as I have completely forgotten about this place and wanted to make amends. From the last time I had updated here, there have been so many changes.

  • I was struggling through a lot since 2017, the game wasn't working the I wanted, I changed the engine twice because nothing was working out for me
  • I wasn't happy with how messy the script was, so I hired an editor to help me out
  • Story got cleaner
  • Hired friends to do music and art for the game
  • Made a few prototypes for both roses and other projects
  • Rebuilt the game on RPG Maker MV and now the game is further in its development than it has ever been!
  • The game now leaning more towards SRPG than VN.

I will try to update here more often as I am still working on the game and have more to show now every week.

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