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The Greek Underworld's JRPG brings you screenshots of several cutscenes from the game's first two missions, on top of a new and fancy title screen, and a sneak peak at three new antagonists!

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Hey all! I'm back with some more progress on the game! I forgot to post the last post on indieDB, which was about a newer timeline system and several updates and changes to the game itself, like smaller stat numbers, additive titles, etc... You can read that blog post on the official website here:

Title Screen Update

First of all, there's a new title screen (and also a developer logo I'll be showing off another day)!

There are a few nice things about this title screen:

  • The leader in the front is different every time. It can be either Yvonne, Ethan or Emilie.
  • If you do not press start, the game will return to the developer logo, then back to the title screen.
  • The background is the same as the one used in cutscenes, levels, and battles. This means I could have alternate backgrounds.
  • If you do press start but stay on the menu, the screen will eventually stop moving. I intend to have the characters reappear on the screen and stick around when this occurs (it's not implemented yet).

Missions and Cutscenes

It all begins with the love story between Hades and Persephone... and it's inevitable consequences.

I have been actively working on the game's missions. This means cutscenes, level design, enemies, treasures, bosses... Here are some of the pictures of cutscenes I've shared on twitter (they might still be a work in progress).

These are some of the events that happen at the very start of the game... You might notice that Hades is quite present in these screenshots!

A lot of cutscenes have been done, I'm currently doing Mission 02's last few cutscenes. You can expect some interesting things to happen at the start of the game...

Wait, what on earth happened here? And who are those three people with an army? The leader wants to reunite Persephone's family? What could it mean? Questions to be answered another time.

Updated Shop

A quality of life improvement also appears with the shop, which is currently being updated.

Memo (the god of memories) now has an assistant to run his shop! Meet Message! They look like siblings, don't they? It's not a coincidence...

The shop now keeps you within the level, and doesn't teleport you somewhere else. The shop can also now be placed within certain missions, just like Memo's save door! You'll always find one within an Intermission (though not at the start of the game).

Looks like it's the end of another post! In other news, I've drafted a logo for the splash screen that I'll use as my developer logo. There's a few legal things I'll be sorting out first before I can show it off. Another thing: with the cutscenes I'm making, it's soon going to be possible to start work on a trailer. Last but not least, the website has found it's temporary theme, but the main goal is to make it like other game websites, with the blog being relegated to a part of the site, not the only thing on the front page.

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