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Hecaton Update 0.4.5 is out now. Random Enemy Modifiers have been added.

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Here are examples of the Jailor and Mortar Mods.

Try the new update here:

Update 0.4.5 Patch Notes

  • Added 10 new Random Enemy Modifiers.
    • Enemy Modifiers increase in frequency over time.
  • Rebalanced game difficulty due to the inclusion of Random Enemy Modifiers.
  • Enemy Damage Numbers to the Player has changed color to Red.
  • Added an in-game indicator when a new High Rating has been achieved.
  • Fixed a bug with Pentaglory Keystone that incorrectly calculated Damage.
  • Altered Boss Room.
  • Altered Deadbolt Gun Spire boss fight.
  • Chief Engineer Kerrick's Drones can now be permanently destroyed.
  • Patriot now starts with 180 Health. (was 200)
  • Patriot can now Autoattack
    • Auto-Flurry Keystone has been changed to Kaminari: Flurry travels further.
  • Patriot Rocket Jump Cooldown is decreased by 1 second.
  • Patriot Old Glory secondary explosions now deal 50% Damage (down from 100%) but can now trigger Relics (Accelerant, Toxic Spores, etc.).
  • Sonja Traps now deal 100% extra Damage.
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