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I have been working on a much smaller mod called Wunderwaffe.

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German Super TankWunderwaffe

Wunderwaffe is a small mod for HOI4 that adds in super weapons. I have handed over control of Nuclear Aftermath to a friend for a few weeks while I work on Wunderwaffe. In this time I hope to learn more on HOI4 modding, and also regain my passion I origionaly had for nuclear Aftermath.

After a few months of making nuclear Aftermath, the passion for the mod began to fade. Some days I couldn't be bothered to launch Atom and add more to the mod. When I don't work on it I feel bad for all the promises I have made, but when I do work on it I cut corners and do things lazily. I hope that by leaving the mod in good hands for a few weeks and directing my mind with another project, I can return with the passion I began modding with.

Anyway, I am working on a mod called Wunderwaffe, more details on the moddb page:


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We believe in you! Sometimes you just need a break and to work on something fresh and come back.

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