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The HazardModding Coop Mod is the most advanced Modification for the Shooter Star Trek: Elite Force II, it is a perfect base to build a RPG-Mod on...

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HaZardModding RPG Mod

The HaZardModding Coop Mod is currently the most advanced Modification for the shooter Star Trek: Elite Force II, it is a perfect base to build a RPG-Mod on. This is exactly what we are doing right now! HaZardModding redesigns the Coop Mod-Matrix to provide you a unique RPG experience!

The Modification will be delivered with the next version of GISO his breath taking RPG Enterprise E.
For now many features will be dedicated to support the RPG Enterprise E, the most advanced RPG-map for STEF2, but our plan is to allow the inclusion of the mod into other RPG maps, simiular to the Coop mod the Mod is driven server-side and clients do not require to download the Mod (but the rpg maps!).

Current features

  • Every Player has a unique Targetname, and can be identified with it.
  • Classes: Technician, Medic, Weapon-Specialist, Command, Security, Sience
  • Ranks: Ensign,Lieutenant,Commander,Captain
  • Admin login (no server-control/rcon required)
  • Tricorder Puzzles to Repair objects, Shut-down Forcefields (more coming)
  • Interactive Forcefields, respond to damage and when touched
  • Player/Team based Objectives
  • Enemy can Cloak (Romulan)
  • Enemy can assimilate (Borg)
  • Enemy can be detected with the Tricorder while clacked
  • Interactive, configurable Replicators

We are open for suggestions, please leave a comment :)


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