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I stopped working this year,but in January a fixed version will come,but in this year I WILL HAVE A BREAK!

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What is the game?
Game mode:
Mothership battle:
This game
mode consists in a space battle between two factions, each faction has a
mothership which can spawn fighters into the battle every 10s keeping a
total of 10 fighters of each faction fighting at the same time. The
winner will be the first faction who manage to destroy the enemy's
mothership. There are several ways to destroy the mothership:

  • Each
    fighter spawn will cause an amount of damage equal to the fighter's
    health, armor and shields ignoring mothership's shields and armor.

  • Shooting
    directly to the mothership. It is not a good idea because motherships
    are giant ships with powerful defenses and a fighter will cause very
    little damage.

  • Motherships usually
    have turrets who fire against enemy fighters. Destroying this turrets
    will cause some damage to the mother ship equal to the amount of the
    turret's health.

-The use of the mouse wheel will no longer provoke a crash.
-Added support for joystick and gamepad.
-Key binds can now be modified.
-Reduced the smooth camera jittering.
-Added new powers: sabotage, shockwave and cloak.
-Added smoke effects to weapons.
-Shots appearance improved.
-Fixed a bug in the audio engine that limits the maximum number of audio sources that can be loaded.
-Added new maps: Omega and two others.
-Added harbinger's quotes.
-Added vehicle customization: appearance and powers.
-Added more sound effects (shot impacts, shields down...)

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