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The first three videos with actual gameplay from my MOD Haven Falls.

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Hello there!

So, after quite some time, i finally managed to record and upload three short gameplay-videos from my singleplayer-MOD Haven Falls! They're now available in the videos-section.

It basically shows the beginning of an action-focused sequence somewhere in the middle of the campaign. One of the core-concepts of my MOD is a smooth transition between the atmospheric passages (usually at a slower pace) and the action-passages (much faster - and mouch louder).

I try to avoid an all too sudden change between those two passages, properly demonstrated in this video (at least i hope so). It usually begins with smaller groups of enemies in small enviroments, and ends with larger groups of tougher enemies in bigger areas.

One thing to mention is, that there are several - more or less hidden - spaces within those areas that are, of course not directly shown in the video (with one exception in the second video). Some of those hidden spaces can actually be quite big and they can be the stage for "optional" fights with additional groups of enemies. Usually the player can find additional supplies there but sometimes, a few story-pieces are also hidden within the enviroment. So, it might be usefull to quickly scout an area after the shooting stops for a moment :)

One last word: although the locations in the videos are very close to final, they're still under construction since i'm quite busy with the finetuning. Good examples are the fog & the skybox, they're very basic versions because creating proper fog & skyboxes proofed to be a bit more complicated than i thought.

Well, that's it for now - videos with a demo of the atmospheric parts are in the making and will follow soon.

Hope you like it!

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