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"The Hapes cluster was originally settled by pirates, a group called the Lorell Raiders. For hundreds of years they stalked the trade routes of the Old Republic, seizing ships, stealing cargo. And when they found a beautiful woman, some raider would take her as a prize to the hidden worlds of Hapes. In short, Han, the raiders were your kind of people." ―Leia Organa to Han Solo.

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The Hapes Consortium was the ruling government and consortium of the Hapes Cluster. A hereditary monarchy based on the capital world of Hapes, it ruled over the region in isolation since before 3,000 BBY, protected by the Transitory Mists. It spanned 63 closely positioned star systems, each with an inhabited world.

Hapes was settles about the time of 4000 BBY by the Lorredel pirates. They would raid Republic ships and would steal beautiful women to mate with. After the defeat of the Lorell Raiders at the hands of the Jedi, the remaining population of Hapes, most of whom were female, decided to create a new government system which gave power to one woman.

"Never let a man become so deluded as to believe that he is the intellectual equal of a woman. It only leads him to evil." ―Hapan saying

Given the title of Queen Mother, the chosen woman united the planets of the Hapes Cluster and formed the basis of the Hapes Consortium. The first Queen Mother sealed the borders of the Hapes Consortium from any outsiders and quickly captured more planets within the Cluster for the Hapans to colonize.

"Never have the Hapans initiated contact with us on such a grand scale. I suspect that this is to be the most important contact our peoples have made in the past three millennia." ―Chief of State Mon Mothma

After being isolated from the rest of the galaxy for almost 3000 years, the Hapes Consortium only opened its borders to the rest of the galaxy in 8 ABY after an alliance was made between Queen Mother Ta'a Chume and representatives of the New Republic.

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Current Queen mother
Emily T'a Chume

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thanks headhunter

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No problem. :)

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I love the history of another culture. Its rather relaxing to learn more through studying records. It makes me feel more at peace. Like I am in the room of a thousand fountains again. May our alliance stand for as long as you want it to. Only you have the power to break our alliance Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium. Anyway great history article. :)

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