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First issue finished! It may not be the game I set out to make all those years ago, but Half-Rats returns once again this Halloween! In the form of a...comic? Read on!

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It may not be the game I set out to make all those years ago, but Half-Rats returns once again this Halloween! In the form of a...comic? Yes. I've hyped it up, I've talked it up - and though things have gotten much busier for me these days, I still was able to complete this first issue. As stated many times before; the mods were non-canonical, and were intended mainly as a proof of concept for the characters and settings to generate interest in what would eventually become the first, standalone Half-Rats title. Well that title never came to be in the end, and it never will - so what's the next best way to tell the story?

In the form of a graphic novel! I owed you all that much - so, the real story of Half-Rats, which was originally intended to be covered in several commercially-released Half-Rats games, will now be covered in the pages of these digital comics. The first of which will be released when that counter hits zero!

Following with tradition, that's Halloween, chums.


The real story actually starts out in August, 1906 - the mods were simply Half-Rats' drunken dreams - he's forty years old, and Trask ain't all that bad of a guy. Mind blown? Yeah, you heard all that before...

If you're expecting Half-Rats to be a hero, you're going to be sorely disappointed...


Things to bear in mind...things I have stated before...I don't want to be THAT guy, but circumstance demands it...

1. They are free.

2. I didn't do a good job.

3. Your criticism, no matter how constructive, WILL be COMPLETELY disregarded.

Now that that icky part is out of the way, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Halloween! The first six issues will be in the form of a comic, but I plan on completing the WHOLE story in the form of short stories. I hope you like reading!

Thanks for sticking around!


Hype is real!

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Half-Rats the real person is as badass as Half-Rats the character.

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perfect timing, it's Halloween tomorrow! it's raining tomorrow where I live, and it's also a school day. I feel better now though! good to see some more media from you!

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