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Half-Life remnants first devlog on moddb! Featuring new models, hud and map reveal!

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  • Greetings everyone!

Welcome to the first remnants devlog of 2022 long time no see! As you all know Remnants rebooted development with a new moddb page. Which got helped by the one and only Kralich/David at DBolical! Even though Remnants is still in early development alot of progress and Improvements have been made mostly small but some big! Let's get to see them shall we?

  • Zombie / Vending Machine

vending 1


Starting off strong with improved Zombie and Vending Machine! As you can see the models for them have been completely replaced with the beta models! Because I'm not very happy with how the retextures turned out initially. Now hopefully they look more appealing and more fitting for the mod!

Weapons/Hudhud 3

hud 1

hud 2

The weapons have completely been replaced with their beta counterparts. Low poly hands and Half-Life 1 sounds to boot!

  • Canals_01_06

canals 2

canals 1

canals 3

And now for the biggest part of the article the new canals map! The new canals map has been really fun, although a tricky map to make since it features some scripting. Featuring a new skybox, you will travel through the canals escaping city 17 and the combine!


And that's the Remnants devlog wrapped up! Before finishing up I would like to say that devlogs are going to be more infrequent since I would like to show off more progress for the mod. Quality over quantity. And lastly, I would like to thank you all for being patient with me with remnants! At first, the project started off really rough but now although slow development has been going great! Anyways, that's all I have right now, stay tuned for more articles, and stay safe!

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