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Half-Life remnants Devlog: 4 is out! Featuring New Models, Music, Voice Acting and much more!

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  • Greetings!

Welcome to the newest Remnants devlog! It has been a long 4 months since our last devlog, but now we think we have made enough progress to show you! A lot of people have joined our team and helped with producing the ost, custom models, custom sound effects, and custom textures! Anyways, let's start!

  • Mapbase

We have successfully moved the project over to mapbase. This is pretty huge for us since it allows us to easily add more features into Remnants! Also, because of mapbase one of our newest members of our team Telvy will have an easier time programming features into the game.


  • Models / Animations

Since our last devlog a few modelers have either contributed to Remnants or joined the team. Our contributor EvyHoustuvk has modeled new arm models for our project, which were inspired by the original Hl1 arms and the Leather arms from the early stages of hl2 Beta! Our two modelers Kajlo and Herald of Cat have also modeled some props and weapons for the project! Like the combine generator, updated xen fungi, and our new health and battery models. Herald has made our new mp5k and crowbar models and our animator Texas Steve has made animations for them. The sound effects for the mp5k were made by our sound designer KardianGoat!

combine generator render 02

fungus render 01

health and battery 1

health and battery 2





Voice Acting

Two Voice actors have joined the team since our last update, Even and Ronald Hamrák! Evan will be voicing our combine soldiers for dialogue setpieces and Ronald will be voicing our overwatch announcer! But keep in mind these are the current roles the voice actors are doing right now and they might change in the future.

  • Music

Etelik our composer for Remnants has made several tracks for the project including some ambience and battle tracks that will be featured in the mod! And he also made the combine voice filter that we are using! He has done a great job replicating the music style of HL2. Take a listen to these tracks!

  • Maps

Our mapping venture for remnants has been going well! We have been making good progress towards our revamps of the beta maps, one of them being the proto quarrytown map which has received a lot of changes since our last showcase! We mainly extended the map to increase playtime and to improve the gameplay.




  • Graffiti

Last but not least, our new texture artist Korbi has made some new Graffiti decals! Korbi did a great job with these graffiti's and we hope you like them too!





  • We want YOU!

Before we finish up this devlog we are currently looking for some talented people who would like to help us! If you are interested in any of these roles contact us through discord at SCP GAMING#4564 and show off some of your work!

  • 3D Modelers [Hard surface or Organic] - We are looking for more modelers who are experienced with the source engine to make new weapons ,props for hard surfaces or characters for organic modeling!

  • Mappers - We are also looking for mappers who have experience with artpassing levels similar to Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2 Beta!

  • Conclusion!

    And that's everything we have for now! I hope everything shown in the devlog has been satisfying too see and again sorry for not giving a lot of updates on the project for a while. Don't worry, we are making good progress on the campaign! We have decided to rework parts of it since we were not satisfied with where it was going. You can follow us on twitter or lambda generation page and thank you for reading or watching our newest remnants devlog!

neophus - - 579 comments

Very good level design here ! love it !

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Curtainpole - - 88 comments

Really cool, love the new view models & animations

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,518 comments


For reals, I wish more HL2 mods focused on delivering new graffiti D:

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PRinceBhai - - 501 comments

Amazing, something to wait for along side RTBR.

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