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Remnants Devlog 2 is out featuring new props and maps!

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  • Greetings!

Welcome to the newest devlog! A lot has happened since the last devlog. And I'm glad to say that I have 3 members for the project! Gasmaskcitizen,MPy as artpassers for the project! And Tiga Diax as our sound designer/composer! The team is flourishing with talent, and progress has been going great too! Let's see what we have for this devlog, shall we?

  • New Props


First off, we have some new props! We have xen fauna and some vehicles! The xen fauna was taken right from HL1, but I made the poly count higher to meet the standards of the HL2 props and retextured it. The vehicles are retextured DOD models that I think turned out pretty good! For Remnants, I wanted to change some stuff from the beta and one of my ideas was to give the combine ww2 vehicles.

  • Terminal Plaza / Depot



We have 2 new maps Terminal Plaza made by Gasmask and Depot made by MPy! And a reminder that these maps are really early work in progress!

  • Conclusion!

And that's everything we have for now! Remnants development has been going great, as I said, and the future of the mod looks bright as ever! Remnants can be followed on Twitter and LambdaGen! And thank you all for reading the most recent devlog!

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