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A short update regarding the Half-Life 2 mod "Remnants"!

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  • Greetings!

Welcome to the newest Remnants devlo-Wait a second this isn’t a devlog! This is a update…A big one!

  • What’s happening?

Alright so this will be kinda of a short one since this isn’t a devlog, BUT I’m excited to announce that we are opening a public discord server! Where YOU can chat with developers of team vestige and many other people!

  • Why discord?

We decided to open a discord server due to multiple reasons. Like twitter’s unstable nature right now, how we want to communicate with the community more and so on!

  • That’s it?

Yeah that’s it! It’s a small update BUT it will help a lot with communicating with y’all about future devlogs and updates relating to team vestige or remnants! So hop in and we will see you there! And before we go…Here is a sneak peek of what we are currently doing for Remnants. Stay tuned to more news relating to Remnants hopefully soon and stay safe!


Half Life Source Screenshot 2022

Half Life Source Screenshot 2022 1

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