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A new feature, guided anti-tank missiles, has been implemented in GEM-2 engine for War Today. And we are rushing to exploit opportunity by adding it to the portable launchers like AT-3 Malyutka, AT-4 Fagot, AT-5 Konkurs, Kobra and Refleks tank fired missiles etc. Rockets are fully controllable in flight and both friendly and enemy AI are using them. This will make anti-tank defense truly strengthened.

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After long work our programmer has managed to implement a feature long awaited. You can now hunt enemy tanks with guided AT missiles. Guidance is simple: take direct control of the unit, aim at the enemy and fire! Move your mouse around guiding the rocket and that's it.

Implementation has so far deluded us but this is the end of it. We can finally implement a range of AT portable launchers like Malyutka, Fagot, Konkurs etc. Who knows, maybe even later ones like Khrizantema. What's more to it you can fire a missile from T-72 for example. It uses guided rockets fired from a barrel. It brings us to a new level of combat quality. Plus many people will probably avoid using MT-12 and other AT cannons we have used so far and switch to this modern equipment. It's portable, two-men team is carrying it around and you can pose a serious threat to the enemy tanks.

Keep in mind though that enemy will do the same to you. It doesn't mean they will 100% be accurate but if you ride in a T-55 on the open space slowly, in a more or less straight line - you asked for it. Also, we will probably implement this on air units as well. Mi-24, Su-25 - time to go tank hunting.

You can see demonstration of guided rocket in this ModDB video:

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Yeap, Hind, my favorite helicopter. Oh damn, I've said smth. I should've kept secret. Now team leader is going to pull my ears :)

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Who is your team leader? Irokez?

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Nope, Akella (Ed)

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Is your team still working on this? I would be very sad to hear that it is no longer being made as it looks so amazing! I would definitely put money down on kickstarter to help the funding processes if that would help.

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