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Check this blog about the upcoming Psonic projects.

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Hi there, everyone! I am the creator of Space Monsters, Axl Jet Banos. It's been a long period of time since I had many important things to do and kept updating the first entry of Space Monsters series of top down shooters.

Anyway, I would like to discuss the topic about the next upcoming projects proposed by the first member (only myself) of the independent video game development and publishing group known as Psonic. Axl Jet's Quest, Combat Zone (both are Space Monsters spin-offs), SVR (Star Voyager Resistant), Aegius and Space Warrior are listed as future upcoming projects being developed and released. However, there are more of them to come during the era of Psonic X Touhou Zero, a conceptual series based on upcoming Psonic indie game ideas for the future crossover project titled Psonic X Touhou.

You know these next projects? Then hope you will wait for them to be released in specific dates I respectively planned and enjoy.

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