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In this mod world map textures are optimized to look 95% similar with original artwork.

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Just to show that this mod have better possibilities with a graphic mod like DirectX 3.0

This mod is not about FHD and crispy textures, it is made to look as best as possible with original artwork but I managed to remove all bad details from previews versions like atrocious artifacts thin black scratches, contrast between details have been normalized to make it look more like original textures.

It use a couple of Reshade post-processing filters which can be customized at your will, but I recommend to keep the settings of these filters untouched.

Back up two ini files ReShade and ReShadePreset before you change these settings in-game

Filter used are

- Gaussian blur: reduce glare and provide uniformity of the environment making textures more smoother but also reduce level of details

- LumaSharpen: Make textures sharper and more defined in-game use this filter after you set-up and enable Gaussian Blur filter

- Levels: After enabling Gaussian blur the whole environment becomes brighter, enable Levels filter but don't change settings

Press HOME from your keyboard in-game to activate and to make settings, press home again or ESC two times to exit

In this video you will see how to do:

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