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After a long silence we have some news and some releases!

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Its been a while since ModdB has been updated since my updater has been banned lol so here is a summary of whats been happening with the mod, its not dead! Lordniti and I have been doing research and getting things done.

GTA Halo website is now online - A few new releases are also available. More coming!

News regarding GTA Halo:

    • Halo 3 Brute chopper Released
    • Banshee Beta released!
    • Halo REACH models given by a friend, now GTA Halo has reach content!
    • Halo 3 Pelican - WIP - 30%
    • Halo 3 Warthog (full damage + turret) WIP- 80%
    • Wraith, civilian hog, ghost bug fixes (relfections + invisible panels)
    • Sound Editor - (Halo vehicle sounds will be available to GTA Halo)
      Note: Sounds will not be included in FINAL release due to the nature of sound mods causing bugs. Sound mods never were perfected in GTA SA, at least not from my knowledge. If you have information - feel free to let us know!

by the way all downloads are GGM packages, this means you need GTA Garage Mod Manager. Very easy program with great 3d preview. GTA Halo will not release DFF and TXD files, even though they are still accessible :P


when do you think the armors and weapons can be ready to download?

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JohnPro Author

Armours for CJ are on the bottom of the todo list im sorry.

Armours as peds are made by LordNiti - please ask him for release times.

Weapons are higher priorty but I still dont know when they are completely ready. Weapons pack 1 you may be aware is already available but weapons pack 2 is a complete upgrade (h3 weapons)

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soooo.why are u soo COOOL DUDE!

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cooooooool man I see that you have many pictures but not to raise your mods when you see so many good mods try to get me!!!!!!!1

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I suppose this "total conversion" is dead.
It seems to be a few vehicles and not a total conversion.

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